Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

All catalog products supplied by Bio X Cell are warranted, for a period no longer than twelve months, to perform to the specifications noted on our product information sheets. This warranty is conveyed to the original purchaser only and is not valid for products that have been modified in any way or handled in any way that is not in accordance to the noted storage and handling conditions. This further applies to any shipment that has undergone repackaging and/or reshipping.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the package upon arrival to ensure the correct product and size has been shipped, also to inspect the integrity of the product packaging for signs of damage from shipping. Bio X Cell will assume responsibility and immediately replace, upon product availability, any missing, incorrectly sized or damaged products so long as the report is made within two weeks of delivery receipt.

Any product that fails to perform as warranted, is eligible, at the discretion of Bio X Cell, to receive either a full replacement of the product or a full credit for the purchase price of the product. Any claim must be reported to us within twelve months from the date of receipt to qualify for a replacement or credit regardless of the date the product was used. We only warranty QC data as stated on our COA, not additional specs introduced by the client.

Bio X Cell reserves the right to discontinue the sale of any product at any time and may change product descriptions and handling instructions at any time without prior notice.

Bio X Cell does not extend any other warranty, whether expressed or implied, with respect to these products. The performance of the products is assumed completely by the buyer, and in no event, shall Bio X Cell be held liable for incidental, consequential or punitive damages.




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