RecombiMAb anti-mouse CD8α

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YTS 169.4-CP134 CP134
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About RecombiMAb anti-mouse CD8α

The YTS 169.4-CP134 monoclonal antibody is a chimeric version of the original YTS 169.4 antibody. The variable domain sequences are identical to the original YTS 169.4 but the constant region sequences have been switched from rat IgG2b to mouse IgG2a. The YTS 169.4-CP134 antibody contains no Fc mutations just as the original rat IgG2b antibody does not. The YTS 169.4-CP134 monoclonal antibody reacts with mouse CD8α. The CD8 antigen is a transmembrane glycoprotein that acts as a co-receptor for the T cell receptor (TCR). Like the TCR, CD8 binds to class I MHC molecules displayed by antigen presenting cells (APC). CD8 is primarily expressed on the surface of cytotoxic T cells, but can also be found on thymocytes, natural killer cells, and some dendritic cell subsets. CD8 most commonly exists as a heterodimer composed of one CD8α and one CD8β chain however, it can also exist as a homodimer composed of two CD8α chains. Both the CD8α and CD8β chains share significant homology to immunoglobulin variable light chains. The molecular weight of each CD8 chain is approximately 34 kDa. The YTS 169.4 antibody exhibits depleting activity when used in vivo.

RecombiMAb anti-mouse CD8α Specifications

IsotypeMouse IgG2a, κ
ImmunogenCBA mouse thymocytes
Reported Applicationsin vivo CD8+ T cell depletion* Western blot* *Reported for the original rat IgG2b YTS 169.4 antibody
FormulationPBS, pH 7.0 Contains no stabilizers or preservatives
Endotoxin<1EU/mg (<0.001EU/μg) Determined by LAL gel clotting assay
Aggregation<5% Determined by SEC
Purity>95% Determined by SDS-PAGE
Sterility0.2 μm filtration
ProductionPurified from CHO cell supernatant in an animal-free facility
PurificationProtein G
Molecular Weight150 kDa
StorageThe antibody solution should be stored at the stock concentration at 4°C. Do not freeze.